Silicon Valley Code Camp 2007

The schedule of Silicon Valley Code Camp 2007 is now official. Code Camp is a free conference by and for the developer community. Speakers volunteer their time and everyone attends for free. It's a place to learn, to network and to dig into some code. My session is scheduled on Saturday, October 27, at 5:15; I will be giving a talk on a subject dear to me, Test Driven Development, in C#, using NUnit. I will of course try to Test-Drive the session, which means writing some code live; this is always a perilous exercise - but that is also what is fun! I am also looking forward checking out the other sessions. The line-up this year is great; there are quite a few speakers I have seen and enjoyed through Bay.Net (Juwal Loewy, Chris Mullins, Deborah Kurata, Beth Massiā€¦ ), and some I have not seen yet, but with great session topics.


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