Hi there! I am Mathias Brandewinder.

Thank you for visiting! If you ended up on this page, you probably want to know more about me, so here we go.

I have been writing code professionally for over 15 years now, and enjoyed most of it. I used to work primarily in C#, until I discovered F# and fell in love with it. My original background isn’t programming: in a past life, I studied economics and operations research.

Professionally, I am interested in developing software solutions that involve some applied mathematics. I have worked on projects across multiple sectors (retail, consumer goods manufacturing, life sciences, finance…), using various techniques such as simulation, supply chain optimization, forecasting, machine learning, decision analysis, reliability analysis.

On a personal level, I enjoy (among other things) Muay Thai, playing music, drawing, and table top role playing games. I also have a tendency to get very absorbed in personal projects of dubious usefulness :)


I am available for consulting and contract work.

Talks & Workshops

I have given presentations and workshops at many conferences over the years, primarily focused on F# development in general, and data science and machine learning in particular. I am available for in-house workshops, training, or personalized mentoring.


Besides this blog, I wrote a book, “Machine Learning Projects for .NET Developers” (Apress, 2015).

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Contacting me

email me at mathias at-sign brandewinder dot com
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