Start-up junkies

If you always wondered what life is like in a start-up (maybe before starting your own?), “Start-up junkies” might just be the show for you. It is a documentary which chronicles the growth of a real Seattle-based start-up, “Earth-Class Mail”, in 24-minutes installments. Earth Class Mail’s vision is to deliver your postal mail through the web. I have watched 3 episodes so far, and found it pretty entertaining to watch. It was especially interesting to me, because it provided a window into two aspects I haven’t experienced, even though I spent the previous five years working in a start-up in the silicon valley. Applied Strategies was fully self-funded, so it never had to go through the whole VC funding mating dance - and after watching it unfold, I am glad it didn’t… The other aspect I enjoy is the click-and-mortar nature of their business, which mixes cutting-edge technology with old-school artifacts like giant mail warehouses; it introduces a nice extra level of complexity: adjusting a software prototype is way easier than modifying the way a physical “factory” operates!


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