One Word to bring them all (and in the darkness bind them)

I just wanted to share this solid post by Joel Spolsky on password management. Like most people, I know that it’s bad to use the same password for multiple places, and that you should change them regularly; like most people too, I am totally convinced of that, and yet I do just what I shouldn’t, because remembering many passwords is just a pain, especially if it’s a long and human-unreadable password. The problem is compounded if you work from multiple machines, and need to access online services from them, in which case the temptation of using a few generic passwords increases quite a bit. Well, the solution Joel proposes addresses that, and I just made all my sensitive passwords completely human-unreadable; on top of that, I even used the option to make me change them every 3 months. Woot! It’s nice when technology makes doing the right thing easy…

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