“Blue Lobster” version 0.1.0

Among my new year resolutions, I vowed to have a working version of my first application by the end of the first quarter 2009. Fortunately, I have had plenty of consulting work recently, but as a result, finding time for the “Blue Lobster” project has been tricky. In the end, it may have been a blessing in disguise, because it forced me to narrow down the scope to the essential features – and I made it: “Blue Lobster” version 0.1.0 was ready on March 29th. It is a working proof-of-concept; it’s also my first pure WPF project (the M-V-VM workshop came in very handy), and I am very proud of it!

(picture by Jane Carter

My next target is to release by end-April a beta to a few selected testers, get feedback and fine-tune it before the grand opening. I don’t want to talk too much until the legal stuff is in order, so until then, the project will be known as “Blue Lobster” (and yes, there is a reason for that name other than the incredible coolness of blue lobsters), and the only thing I will say is that if you work with Excel files, have version control issues, use a PC, and would be interested in being a beta tester, you are encouraged to shoot an email to blue-lobster@clear-lines.com.


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