“Summer of F#” Tour

It looks like this summer will be my strangest vacation in a while – I’ll be taking a F# road trip of sorts in August, talking about F# at user groups all over the United States. How this crazy plan took shape exactly I am not quite sure in retrospect, but I am really looking forward to meeting all the local communities – this will be fun!

As of July 13th July 28th, here is the plan:

… and a few more should be added to the list soon! I’ll let you extrapolate what possible cities could be following, given the map below. Stay tuned for updates.

View Larger Map View Larger Map

Huge thanks to the people who helped make this happen – I am sure I forgot some of you, sorry about that, and I’ll owe you a beer when I visit your city!

… and of course @INETA!

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